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Regulatory and Litigation

UtilityEngineering provides comprehensive consulting services to support Regulatory proceedings and Litigation, including expert witness testimony. Our senior level staff providing these services have from thirty to over fifty years of electric utility industry experience and expertise, leveraging comprehensive skill sets to manage projects ranging from traditional utility filings to unique forensic engineering cases.

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Regulatory Services Include

Development and Preparation of Expert Testimony

Negotiations and Settlements

Rates and Service Fees (Wholesale and Retail Power, Avoided Costs, Pole Attachments, Facilities Charges, Stranded Costs, System Impact)

Pole Attachment Negotiations

Contract Issues

Utility Mergers and Acquisitions

Substation and Transmission Siting and Permitting

Forensic Analysis and Litigation Services Include

Accident Investigation and Training

Fire Investigation

Forensic Engineering

Product Liability

Expert Witness Services

Legal Counsel Assistance in Preparation of Briefs and Pleadings

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