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System Planning

UtilityEngineering’s System Planning division offers an extensive array of traditional and individualized electric system studies.

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Our Services Include

System Planning (Long-Range Plans and Construction Work Plans)

Volt/VAR (Power Factor) Optimization

Capacitor Placement Study

Arc Flash Hazard Assessments

GIS System Mapping (ESRI)

System Modeling and Analysis (WindMil, CYME, EasyPower, SKM PowerTools, ETAP, and other specialty applications)

Power Supply Evaluation and Contracting

Power Quality Studies

Power Loss Management and Energy Audits

Sectionalizing / Protective Coordination Studies

Environmental Evaluations (Borrower’s Environmental Reports)

Distributed Generation Impact Studies and Interconnection Agreements

Pole Attachment Agreements

Cost of Service Studies and Retail Rate Analysis

Grid Modernization Technology Assessments

System Inventory and Utility System Valuation

Utility Mergers and Acquisition

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